Why HiMark

Our mission is to give you the skills, confidence and contacts you need to get a job in the HVAC industry, and to thrive in your new career.

We Specialize

We know the HVAC industry. That’s what we do. Back in 1995 HiMark was started by industry tradespeople who identified a need for up-to-date, readily available, quality training.

We Give Great Value

Don’t be misled into thinking that because we are a private career college we’re more expensive than a community college. It pays to read the fine print. We also provide job search assistance.

We Care About You

We make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd. HiMark has a small town feel that lets you connect with other students and staff who care about who you are, and your success.

We Get You To Work Faster

We get right to the point and give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in the HVAC industry.

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