What is an HVAC technician? How do I get an HVAC licence?

HVAC is an industry, not a licence.

There are many different licences people in the HVAC industry can hold. This includes:

  Licence Authority
H Heating Gas Technician or Oil Burner Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)
V Ventilation Sheet Metal Mechanic Skilled Trades Ontario (STO)
AC Air Conditioning Residential AC Systems Mechanic 313D Skilled Trades Ontario (STO)
R Refrigeration Refrigeration and AC Systems Mechanic 313A Skilled Trades Ontario (STO)
  Other Plumber and Electrician Skilled Trades Ontario (STO)

All licences regulated by Skilled Trades Ontario (STO) require a 3 – 5 year apprenticeship. However, the Heating licences regulated by TSSA are not apprenticeships. You can complete an approved course, pass your TSSA exams with a minimum of 75% and be fully licenced.

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