Can I do my G3 and G2 at the same time?

Technically you can take overlapping G3&G2 courses but keep in mind that you cannot write your G2 exam without a G3 Licence. Therefore we recommend that you have a G3 Licence prior to starting the G2 course or at the least have a date set to write your G3 Licence prior to the end of the G2 course. Once we have a G3 Licence we can then order your G2 exam from the T.S.S.A. Also note that you have 1 year to write your T.S.S.A examinations from the last day of your course (ex. If you finished your G2 course on April 1, 2021 you would have until March 31, 2022 to write that examination). The T.S.S.A allows for 3 attempts at the examination in total.

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