Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic 313D Pre-Exam

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Course Info:
Date(s) - 21/Oct/2019 - 31/Oct/2019
Monday to Thursday evenings
Deposit Required - $100.00
Time(s) - 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm


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Length: 40 hours

A Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic works on residential air conditioning systems including geo-exchange systems. 

Course Outline:  This course is designed to prepare individuals working in the trade who have not yet written, or written and not passed, the Residential A/C Systems Mechanic Certification of Qualifications Examination.  Participants of this program will receive an in-depth theoretical review of all modules.  Students will be regularly quizzed throughout the course.

Exams: None. The Certificate of Qualifications Examination must be written with the Ontario College of Trades. 

Pre-Requisite: None.  However, to qualify to write the Certificate of Qualifications Examination, you must have at least 4,500 hours (approximately 2.5 years) of field experience working in a related trade and have received approval to challenge from the Ontario College of Trades or completed the apprenticeship.  We recommend that you receive approval to challenge before taking this course.  To apply for approval, contact the Ontario College of Trades at 1‑855‑299‑0028 and submit your Trade Equivalency Assessment Application.

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