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Please ensure to review the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy prior to registration.
Course Info:
Date(s) - 26/Sep/2022 - 26/Jun/2023
Monday and Wednesday evenings & Saturdays 8 am to 4 pm.
Deposit Required - Application Processing Fee $565.00 (incl. HST)
Time(s) - 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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480 Hours


Course Description

This is an intermediate level program for individuals who are looking to upgrade their skills in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

It is an 8 month program where students will take part in both theoretical and practical studies in class.

A Gas Technician 2 (G2) license will enable you to install, inspect, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove a natural gas or propane appliance that has an input of 400,000 Btuh or less without supervision in residential and commercial applications.

Examples: Furnaces, Fireplaces, Water Heaters, Pool Heaters, Stoves, Clothes Dryer, etc.

As part of the program we also offer job search assistance.


Course Outline

This program covers the G2 modules 10 to 24 and the applicable codes, acts and regulations.

This program will provide you with hands on skills and full knowledge of the skills, safety procedures and theories you will require as a Gas Technician certificate holder.



The theory and practical examinations will be administered by HiMark at our location upon completion of the course.


Module Breakdown

  • Module 10 – Advance Piping & Tubing Systems
  • Module 11 – Basic Electricity
  • Module 12 – Controls (Mechanical & Electronic)
  • Module 13 – Building a System
  • Module 14 – Domestic & Non-Vented Appliances
  • Module 15 – Gas Meters, Pressure Regulators & Relief Valves
  • Module 16 – Domestic Gas Fire Refrigerators
  • Module 17 – Conversion Burners
  • Module 18 – Water Heaters, Combo Systems, Potable Water Heating Systems
  • Module 19 – Forced Warm Air Heating Systems
  • Module 20 – Hydronic Heating Systems
  • Module 21 – Space Heating & Decorative Appliances
  • Module 22 – Venting Practices
  • Module 23 – Forced Air Add-On Devices
  • Module 24 – Air Handling Systems



Have a valid Gas Technician 3 (G3) license


Codebooks Required

  • B149.1 – Natural Gas & Propane Installation Code
  • B149.2 – Propane Storage & Handling Code
  • Ontario Act, Regulations, and Code Adoption Documents for use with B149 Code Series

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